6 Criteria for choosing a good builder

Financial responsibility

This competency refers to how the builder manages his and your money. It also refers to what you get (value) in the end after trusting the builder with your money. This is important because some in the construction industry do not manage the financial aspects of their business and this is detrimental to their customers.

stability of the organization

This competency refers to the overall soundness of the builder’s business and the people that comprise it.This is important because the stronger the relationships the builder has with his subcontractors and his employees, the more committed they are to build high quality homes.


This competency refers to the builder’s level of responsibility in every aspect of the building process. This is important because you need to have confidence that the builder is in control and that he will take responsibility to make sure that your home gets built in a timely manner and of the utmost quality.

customer orientation

This competency refers to both the initial and long-term amount and quality of time the builder spends with you discussing your new home. This is important because some builders pay attention to every detail at the beginning of the building process, but then tend to let things slip as the job progresses.

Attention to detail

This competency refers to the builder’s drive to make sure that the home that is being built for you is exactly the home that you want. It also applies to the attention that the builder pays to his office staff and his subcontractors to ensure that they are on top of everything. This is important because what seems like a small oversight can end up costing both the builder and the client money and time if it’s not caught early in the building process.


This competency refers to the builder’s overall sincerity, honesty, and candor. This is important because the builder you choose is going to be someone who you’ll be dedicating quite a bit of time and money too. You want to make sure that he’s someone who will give you the quality you’re paying for in every aspect of the construction of your home.